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How to Manage Your Account Settings in Feedspace

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Managing your account settings in Feedspace is crucial for ensuring a personalized, secure, and efficient experience. Whether you need to update your personal details, change your password, or enhance your account's security, Feedspace provides an intuitive interface to handle all these tasks seamlessly.

Steps to update your account settings

Log into Feedspace
Go to My Account from the top right dropdown menu

Select Account and Security
Configure the following settings:

Account Details

Avatar/Picture: Click Pick an Image to upload a new profile picture. The ideal dimensions are 100x100 pixels. A professional profile picture can help you build trust and recognition within the Feedspace community.
Full Name: Edit your full name in the provided field. Keeping your name updated ensures that your identity is correctly reflected in all interactions.
Email Address: Your registered email address is displayed here. If you need to change it, contact support at This is crucial for receiving notifications and updates.
Your Role: Select your role from the dropdown menu. This helps Feedspace tailor features and recommendations to suit your professional needs. For instance, marketers might get different feature suggestions compared to product managers.

Click Save Account Changes

Reset Password

Current Password: Enter your current password.
New Password: Choose a new password (minimum of 8 characters). Regularly updating your password enhances security.
Confirm Password: Re-enter the new password to confirm

After making the necessary changes, click Update Password

Extreme Measures

For added security, you can log out of all active sessions by clicking** Log Out of All Sessions**. This is particularly useful if you suspect unauthorized access or have logged in from a public computer.

If you’re still confused or need any further information, you can quickly book a demo with our expert.

Feedspace is always looking for ways to help you grow! Whether you've got a bug to report, a feature suggestion to ignite your creativity, or a feedback for us, you can drop it here. Let's shape the future of creative collaboration together!

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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