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How to Create a Text Feed Form in Feedspace

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Learn how to set up and customize text feed form in Feedspace. You can utilize it for various use cases, such as gathering customer feedback, collecting employee input, or conducting surveys, etc. This versatile feature helps you streamline data collection, improve communication, and gain valuable insights to drive informed decisions and enhance user engagement.

What you’ll learn

In this article, we will discuss:

Steps to create a text feed form from scratch
How to customize your feed form to gain valuable insights

Steps to create text a feed form from scratch

Log into Feedspace
Feedspace allows you to manage multiple projects. Select the workspace that best suits the feed form you're creating
On the Home page, click Create Feed Form

Feedspace offers the flexibility to create Audio, Video, or Text based feed forms.
Select Text Feed Form
Click Proceed to move on to the form configuration stage

How to customize your feed form to gain valuable insights

In the form settings, configure the following sections:

Form details

i) Workspace: You can choose to switch between the workspaces
ii) Form name: This is where you give your feed form a title that will help you identify and manage the feed form internally.
iii) Description: This helps you define the purpose or quick agenda for creating the feed form for your internal reference.


i) Feedback popup title: Here, you can craft a compelling title that grabs attention and entices users to participate.
ii) Rating type: This section allows you to choose how you want your audience to rate you. The available options are, Thumbs up/down and Star rating.
iii) Question Text: This is where you ask the question or provide the specific instructions for what kind of content you want users to submit in their feed form response (e.g., "Share your experience with our product in a short video")
iv) Add comments: For text-based feed forms, you can add placeholder text that appears within the submission box to guide users (e.g., "Write a few sentences about...").
v) Submit button name: Enter clear, concise content for CTA button.

After configuring the settings, click Save & Share

Congratulations, your feed form is ready to share. You can easily copy the link or Download the QR code to share it among your network. You can also directly share the feed form on X, LinkedIn, Whatsapp or Facebook. Click here to learn about sharing feed forms in detail.

Creating a powerful feed form is an exciting process, but if you find yourself needing a little extra guidance, the Feedspace team is always happy to help. For a more in-depth walkthrough of your feed forms, book a quick demo with our expert.

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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