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How to Create a Wall of Love in Feedspace

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We all know that love is what makes the world go round, inspires countless artists, and...well, it can also be a powerful marketing tool. That's where Feedspace's Wall of Love comes in. It is not just about collecting fluffy compliments (although those are always welcome). It's a strategic tool to showcase social proof, build trust, and ultimately convert those happy customers into brand advocates.

Intrigued? Here's your crash course on creating a Wall of Love that'll have your brand basking in the warm glow of adoration.

What you'll learn

In this article, we will discuss:

Steps to build your Wall of Love
How to share your Wall of Love and promote your brand

Steps to build your Wall of Love

Log into Feedspace
Select the workspace where you want to build your Wall of Love
Click on the Promote tab, which is where the magic happens

Within the Promote section, click on Build Now

Note: In order to create a Wall of Love, you must have at least 3 audio, video, or text feeds in your workspace.

Just like any good love story, your Wall of Love needs a name. Give it a catchy title that reflects your brand and attracts visitors.
Click Continue to move on to the next step

Configure Page settings:

Page title: You can edit the title for your Wall of Love here. This is your chance to grab attention and make a lasting impression.
Page Subtitle: Don't forget the power of a good subtitle. Use it to offer a concise explanation of what visitors can expect on your Wall of Love.
Button: A call to action button can be a great addition to your Wall of Love. Do you want visitors to head to your website, sign up for a newsletter, or something else entirely? Decide if you want to enable the button and choose accordingly.
Button name: If you opted for a button, enter a suitable name for it. You can keep it clear and concise, reflecting the action you want visitors to take.
Button URL: Enter the URL of the webpage you want visitors to land on after clicking the button.

Hang on, you’re almost there. Click Next to finalise your Wall of Love creation

Once all the settings are done, select the feeds you want to add to your Wall of Love
Click Save and Share

Congratulations! your Wall of Love is ready to share.

How to share your Wall of Love and promote your brand

Once your Wall of Love is complete, Feedspace will provide you with a unique link. Copy and paste this link wherever you want to share your Wall of Love – your website, social media, carrier pigeons (Just kidding😉).

Please note that Feedspace currently doesn't allow you to delete a Wall of Love. However, you can edit any time according to your preference.

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed or have any questions about customising your Wall of Love, fear not! Feedspace offers fantastic support. For a more in-depth walkthrough, book a demo with our expert.

Feedspace is always looking for ways to help you grow! Whether you've got a bug to report, a feature suggestion to ignite your creativity, or a feedback for us, you can drop it here. Let's shape the future of creative collaboration together!

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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