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How to Import Social Feeds or Reviews in Feedspace

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Overwhelmed by all those great reviews and comments scattered across social media? Wouldn't it be amazing to have them all in one place, ready to show off to the world? Well, fret no more! Feedspace is here to be your hero.
Here's how you can easily import those awesome reviews and social media feeds into Feedspace, giving your brand a one-stop shop for shining social proof.

Steps to import your Social Feeds on your Feedspace dashboard

Log into Feedspace
Select the Workspace for which you want to import the social feed
Click on the Import Social Feeds button on the Home page

Feedspace currently allows you to import Feeds from 7 platforms including Google, Product Hunt, Trustpilot, Facebook, Amazon Product, Tripadvisor, and Google Play Store.

Google Reviews

Enter your business name in the designated field
Click Search
Feedspace will find your reviews, allowing you to choose which ones you want to import into your workspace
Pick the ones that showcase your awesomeness and click to Import Reviews

Product Hunt

For those who use Product Hunt, you can enter the web address (URL) or ID of your page directly into Feedspace
You can sort the reviews before import by Best, Latest, Favorable, or Critical they are to showcase the ones you love the most
Choose how you want to sort your reviews, then click Get Reviews to import them into your Feedspace collection

Trustpilot and Facebook

Importing reviews from Trustpilot and Facebook is similar. Just copy and paste the web address (URL) of your page or profile into the designated field within Feedspace
Once you paste the URL, Feedspace will take care of the rest, importing your reviews directly into your workspace

Amazon Product

To show off your Amazon product's reviews, Feedspace needs a little extra information. Find the product's ASIN (a fancy code that looks like letters and numbers) and keep it handy
In Feedspace, enter the product's ASIN and the website address or Domain (usually Then, click on the Get Reviews button to import them


Importing reviews from Tripadvisor is simple. Just find the Tripadvisor page URL for your business and copy it
Once you have the Tripadvisor page URL, paste it into the designated field within Feedspace and click Get Reviews to import them into your collection

Google Play Store

Find the Play Store URL for your app and copy it.
Want to be picky? Feedspace lets you sort reviews by Most Relevant, Newest, or Rating before importing. Choose your sorting preference
Once you've chosen how to sort your reviews (or decided to skip sorting), click Get Reviews to import them into your Feedspace workspace

Importing social media feeds can be a game-changer for your brand's image. But if you get stuck or have any questions, don't worry! You can always book a demo with our expert.

Feedspace is always looking for ways to help you grow! Whether you've got a bug to report, a feature suggestion to ignite your creativity, or a feedback for us, you can drop it here. Let's shape the future of creative collaboration together!

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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